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SoundGym for MR.SMiFF and his track "Delirium"

Hristov is a truly multidisciplinary artist; an author as well as a composer, performer and producer. He collaborates in audio-visual performances, and has created installations as well as releasing music through more traditional channels. MR.SMiFF is just one of his musical projects, but `Delirium` still stands as a great showcase for his explorative and experimental nature.
The track is a twitchy, skittering, bass-heavy groover; experimental without being inaccessible. Underpinned by an undulating sub, the beats constantly shift and develop whilst richly textured glitches complete the soundscape. The track is accompanied on YouTube by a video created by Hristov`s regular collaborator Anna Bacheva, and it wonderfully accentuates the dark, dystopian atmosphere that the producer conjures on this track. The production itself is beautifully balanced.`Delirium` is complex, yet comprehensible, and is the kind of music that really rewards repeated listens.

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MR.Smiff & GENDA

Bulgare 29 Janvier 2015 Under the Line publications de la culture urbaine, entretien de Lilly An

M. Smiff: ''Je m’exprime à travers la musique. Ceci est ma façon d’exprimer mes sentiments et de les extérioriser. Peut-être, c’est la raison pour laquelle je suis stylistiquement plus difficile à définir. En général, les sentiments et les émotions me contrôlent. Je n'ai aucun style précis. Mais je peux dire que dans mon prochain album il y aura du break beat, de l’IDM et de la techno. Le prochain album de Mr. Smiff sera une surprise, même pour moi.''



Anglais / Bulgare 2012 One Magazine

Ambient Anarchist fait "la musique sans définitions, la musique expérimentale, avec un style imprévisible."

Ambient Anarchist was born in the winter of 2000 and makes "music that defies definitions, music that is experimental, with an unpredictable style." Over the past 12 years he has managed to perform in any of the
meaningful music events in Bulgaria and to travel around Europe in a van full of guitars, drums and the other equipement that help creat sound. He has also managed to make music for wonderful plays and performances.


Ambient Anarchist believes that what best describes him is an illegal party in London 2004 (such as St.George'sChurch@Tufnell Park, London). AA are Stefan Christov, Todor Stoyanov and Alexander Daniel.


MR.Smiff créer de la musique du cosmos

2015 Radio Nationale Bulgare interview de Beloslava Dimitrova


Stefan Hristov a quitté la Terre composer la musique pour 12 séries d'émissions de la NASA.

Il a composé une bande sonore de 6 heures avec l'idée d'exprimer son espace interne.